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Welcome to Flip City Gym & Cheer Inc.

Welcome to Flip City Gym & Cheer

Home of the Flip City Allstars!

Flip City is located in East Boynton Beach

just off of High Ridge Road,

between Hypoluxo and Gateway


What a GREAT turn out for our 2015/2016 teams!  Our largest try outs ever!

We are proud to announce Flip City will have 9 teams this coming season!!!

You can print out a team list under the forms section.

Please make the following changes to your calendar:
Choreography Weekend!!!

For choreography the gym is closed to everyone, no one may attend.
Please bring lunch, water bottles and snacks.
Please wear black on black cheer gear with a bow and red lips.
First choreography dates:
Friday, August 28th: Junior 2 530-10pm
Saturday, August 29th: No Practices/tumbling Choreography only
Junior 2 8:45am to 1pm
Youth 2 1:45pm-7pm
Senior 2 7:30-9pm
Sunday, August 30th:
Youth 2 8:45am to 2pm
Senior 2 3-9:30pm
Monday, August 31st: No practices Choreography only
Senior 2 5:30-9:30pm

New practice schedule begins August 3rd

Weekly Practices:

Junior 2 5-630pm

Junior 4 615-745pm

Senior 5 730-930pm

Tinys 430-530pm

Mini 2 515-645pm

Youth 3 630-8pm

Senior 2 745-930pm

Mini 1 515-630pm

Youth 2 615-745pm

Senior 5 730-930pm

Mini 2 430-545pm

Junior 2 530-7pm

Junior 4 645-815pm

Senior 2  8-930pm


Flight School


Tinys 9-1030am

Mini 1 1015-1145am

Youth 3 1130am-1pm

Youth 2 1245-215pm

Tumbling Levels 1-3 215-315pm

Tumbling Levels 4-5 315-415pm

Flip City All-stars Take a sneak peak at the amazing talent here at Flip City!

2015 Summit Champions Junior 2 Twisters

2015 Summit Bronze Champions Senior 4 Loco4SMoCo

2015 Summit Wildcard Bronze Senior 2 We the Crew

Our amazing TINY Team Flip City Drizzles: 2 years undefeated and International Champions

The awesome Mini 1 Team Flip City Hail:

The undefeated Mini 2 Regin

The Youth 2 Flip City Storm

The fantastic Youth 4 Flip City Thunderstorm:

The elite Junior 2 Twisters

The always amazing Senior 2 Flip City Lighning:

Are you LOCO4SMOCO Senior 4,